Egress – Emergency Windows


Egress emergency windows

What is an Egress emergency window?

Mainly installed in a basement room, these windows must allow for adequate evacuation in case of emergency, open from the inside without tools or special knowledge and offer a clear opening of at least 0.35 m2.

The opening mechanism should be so simple that a child can open it quickly to escape the room. The window shall open inward, without the use of keys or tools. No hardware shall obstruct the passage and it shall be a minimum of 15 inches high or wide. The emergency window must have a minimum of 30 inches of free space in front of it to allow for easy and unobstructed exit.

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Fenêtre de secours aux normes Egress de Portes et Fenêtres 20/20, permette une évacuation adéquate en cas d’urgence / An Egress emergency window from Windows & Doors 20/20 allows for adequate evacuation in case of emergency