Get the look you want with the many options and accessories available at Caron and Guay.
Choose from styles, finishes and colors that will match your décor. Add your personal note by
selecting hardware, tile, beam, moldings and frames.

Style et finition

Style et finition

Opt for the look that fits perfectly with your decor choosing from the different finishes offered
by Caron and Guay.

Colonial style

The colonial curves of the frame and shutter, exclusive to Caron and Guay, offer a distinctive
touch and a flawless finish to enhance the aesthetics of your windows.

Antique finish

Increasingly popular, the antique finish window, with barrotin or decorative molding, enhances
the aesthetics of your home and allows several combinations that blend perfectly with the style
of your home. The antique finish moldings are identical to those of the colonial style.

Classic finish

Add the warmth of wood to your home without sacrificing the durability of your windows.
The classic style offers natural wood appliqués, pine, cherry or oak, on the inside of the window.
The classic finish is only available for the Signature Series HT-1000, HT-4600 and HT-2600 Series.
For more details,
ask a representative

Contemporary style

With its pure and elegant lines, the contemporary style window offers a touch of modernity that
harmonizes perfectly with the latest design trends.

Choix de couleurs

PVC colors

Because you will keep your windows very long, the aesthetic aspect is important. Caron et Guay
offers exceptional paint quality that is highly resistant to fading, in 12 classic colors. All colors
are professionally applied by our team in specially designed paint chambers.

Brun laurentien



Bleu héron


Brun toison

Brun muscade

Bleu océan

Brun commercial

Bronze léger

Sable du désert



Aluminum colors

Acrynar ™ Premium Paint
The paints used by Caron and Guay offer a 10-year guarantee by the manufacturer against
flaking, cracking, cracking and discoloration (maximum of 5 Delta E discoloration units). They are
available in four standard colors. Special colors can be offered on request.

Hybride blanc

Hybride noir

Hybride brun

Hybride charbon


Classic finish colors

We offer you four basic colors on selected wood species but it is also possible to dye the wood
according to the color of your choice.

Naturel (vernis seulement)





Custom colors

Do you have a specific idea in mind? No problem! Caron and Guay are able to reproduce all
colors from a sample. Note that custom color production leads to delays and additional costs

Choix de verre énergétique

Caron and Guay have their own thermos manufacturing plant and use the latest thermal
insulation technologies.

Insulating dividers
Caron and Guay thermos use high quality interlayer systems, offering even greater insulation. In
addition, the spacers used by Caron and Guay expand and contract easily, they always take their
original form, protecting the window from external pressures.

LOW-E film

LOW-E films have the particularity of allowing light to pass through, but blocking infrared heat
rays. This is useful in all seasons, since heat losses are reduced during the winter, and heat entry
is blocked during the summer.


Option 1 | Double glass

A LOW-E layer, simple argon
Provides an energy efficiency rating of +30 to +36 depending on the model chosen.
Available for all models.
Illustrated model: HT-7050

Offert pour tous les modèles.

Modèle illustré : HT-7050


Option 2 | Triple glass

One layer LOW-E, double argon, Isomax3
Provides an energy efficiency rating of +34 to +41 depending on the model chosen.
HT-1000, HT-1500, HT-4600, HT-8600, HT-8650, HT-8000, HT-8050
Illustrated model: HT-1000

Option 3 | Triple glass

Two layer LOW-E, double argon, Isomax3
Provides an energy efficiency rating of +37 to +44 depending on the model chosen.
HT-1000, HT-1500, HT-4600, HT-8600, HT-8650, HT-8000, HT-8050
Illustrated model: HT-4600







Hardware store

All the mechanisms used by Caron and Guay offer exceptional durability. Thanks to their high
quality and their anticorrosion properties, they will defy time.

Stainless steel mechanism
The new Maxim Truth Hardware ™ stainless steel opening-closing mechanism is available as anoption in the Signature HT-1000 window. This type of hardware is the most efficient and durable
in the industry. Having anti-corrosion properties, it prolongs the life of the mechanism and the
proper functioning of your windows.

Multipoint locking system
The multipoint locking system made entirely of stainless steel perfectly positions the opening
points of the shutter, offering better support on the cold cuts and increasing the tightness of the

Ultra-robust mechanism
The ultra-robust mechanism with E-Gard ™ finish, offered as standard in the Prestige range,
increases the life of your windows. Assembly screws used in wet or exposed areas are made of
stainless steel, eliminating the possibility of corrosion of the hardware system.



The nets Caron and Guay are ultradurable and leave no chance to small pests.
Enjoy the breeze well away from mosquitoes!

Heavy-duty aluminum mosquito net
Caron and Guay’s new, fully aluminum extruded mosquito net offers superior rigidity to the
industry standard, making it one of the most durable and easy-to-maintain products available on
the market. .

Robust aluminum mosquito net
The fully rolled aluminum mosquito net is supported by a frame that offers long-term durability
and rigidity. Its high-performance folding lip makes it easy to handle.



Door handles and others

Treat yourself to high quality door handles. A wide choice of color and style will add an aesthetic
touch that will perfectly match your home














Amortisseurs Dorex

1700 series

1900 series


Poignées de porte Weiserlock

Brixton passage 15

Trapani passage 15

Vedani passage 26

Vedani passage 15

Bingsley 15

Daventport 15

Tavaris 15

Tavaris 26


Serrures Weiserlock

Square 15

Square 26

Smartcode 15

Smartcode 26


The possibilities offered by Caron and Guay are endless. That’s why more options are available.
Talk to a consultant, he will help you to realize your project as you wish.

Carrelages & false balusters

Tiles – tubular

Composed of thin cylinders, the tubular tile offers elegance with finesse.



Argent brossé




Gris (Brossé)

Tiles – Georgian 8 × 18 (3/4 inch)

With its distinguished curves, Georgian tiles bring a classic touch to your windows.

Gris métalique


Brun commercial



Hybride ou peinturé (recto / verso)

Blanc | Cherry oak

Blanc | A-06 Ivoire

Blanc | Brun commercial

Blanc | A-20 Sable 920

Blanc | Noir

Blanc | A-26 Vert forêt

Blanc | A-08 Amande

Blanc | A-15 Brun muscade

Blanc | A-76 Kaki

Blanc | A-13 Beige antique

Blanc | Dark oak

Blanc | light oak

Tiles – Georgian 8 × 25 (1 inch)

With its distinctive curves, Georgian tiles bring a unique touch to your windows


Brun commercial


Hybride ou peinturé (recto / verso)

Blanc | Noir

Blanc | Brun commercial


Tiles – Rectangular 19mm (3/4 inch)

Modern and efficient, the rectangular tiles are both refined and elegant





Autres grandeurs sur demande.


false balusters

The fake barrotins are small bars placed directly on the glass of the window. They do not require
any particular maintenance. The addition of false barrotins will allow you to vary the style of
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your home to imitate either a guillotine type window or add an antique touch to your windows.
The type of fake beam to apply to your windows depends on the type of glass and window

To know the options available to you, meet a consultant Caron and Guay.

Types of fake barrotins

  • False flat barrotin
  • Faux rounded barrotin
  • False hybrid barrotin

Faux barrotin plat

Faux barrotin arrondie

Faux barrotin hybride


Some examples of the possibilities


Caron et Guay allows you to realize your project as you wish. Anything is possible, more options
are available. Talk to a counselor.