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HT-4600 Hybrid Wing


  • Summary of features
    • Hybrid design combining aluminum and PVC
    • High-end frame with 2 mm thick walls
    • Profile system with multiple insulating air chambers of 4 “3/4, 5” 3/4 or 6 “5/8
    • Santoprene ™ triple weatherstripping system with memory effect
    • Stainless steel opening-closing mechanism
    • 10-inch or 13-inch stainless steel hinges
    • Multipoint locking system made of stainless steel
    • Sturdy aluminum mesh with Schlegel ™ sealing system

Optional features

Customize your windows HT-4600 thanks to the wide choice of aesthetic options offered by Caron and Guay.

  • Glass type (triple or double thermos)
  • Varied choice of exterior and interior colors
  • Offered in contemporary style
  • Tiles and beams with choice of finish
  • Brick moldings or coating
  • Choice of finish for the hardware store
  • Frame thickness (from 4 “3/4, 5” 3/4 or 6 “5/8)
  • Classic finish: pine, cherry or oak, stained and varnished
  • Moldings with colonial or contemporary style glazing
  • Offered with awning opening system
  • Moldings with colonial or contemporary style glazing

The possibilities are limitless!

Signature Series HT1000 Option A

Operator and multipoint Maxim Truth 100% stainless steel, extrusion mosquito net ultra-hard

Signature Series HT1000 Option B

Operator Maxim Truth 100% stainless steel, multipoint stainless steel, robust extrusion screen

Signature Series HT1000 Option C

Operator painted steel, multipoint stainless steel, extrusion mosquito net ultra-hard

Signature Series HT1000 Option D

Painted steel operator, multipoint stainless steel, robust extrusion screen

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Detailed sheets

Smart design

4 “3/4”, “5” or 6 “5/8” insulated air chamber profile system with 2mm thick PVC walls combined with structural strength the outer aluminum provides maximum insulation and rigidity. This design gives all the strength needed to effectively support the Isomax3 triple sealed unit.


Optimal sealing

The Santoprene ™ triple weatherstripping system of HT-4600 windows provides maximum sealing. Thanks to its superior quality and its memory effect, this material retains its flexibility when opening and closing the window and ensures optimal sealing in cold weather.

Stainless steel hardware

The new stainless steel opening-closing mechanism is standard (Option A) in the HT-4600 signature window. This type of hardware is the most efficient and durable in the industry. Anticorrosion, it extends the life of the mechanism and the proper functioning of your windows. Also available according to option B.

Ultra-hard hinges

Stainless steel hinges from 10 inches to 26 inches provide better support for heavy loads. This type of hinges allows for greater flap opening and makes it easier to clean the window from inside the house.

Multipoint locking system

The multi-point locking system made entirely of stainless steel perfectly positions the opening points of the shutter, offering better support on the Santoprene ™ weatherstripping and increasing the watertightness of the window to the water and to the watertightness. air.


Ultra-sturdy extrusion mosquito net

Caron and Guay’s new, fully aluminum extruded mosquito net offers superior rigidity to the industry standard, making it one of the most durable and easy-to-maintain products available on the market. . The brand new Schlegel ™ waterproofing system makes the perimeter of the mosquito net completely airtight, leaving no chance for insects, Option A, to enter your home.


Colonial style

The colonial curves of the frame and shutter, exclusive to Caron and Guay, offer a distinctive touch and a flawless finish to enhance the aesthetics of your windows.


Antique style

More and more popular, the antique-style window, with barrotins or decorative moldings, enhances the aesthetics of your home and allows several combinations that perfectly match the style of your home.


Contemporary style

With its pure and elegant lines, the contemporary style window offers a touch of modernity that harmonizes perfectly with the latest design trends.


Acrynar ™ Premium Paint

The paints used by Caron and Guay offer a 10-year guarantee by the manufacturer against flaking, cracking, cracking and discoloration (maximum of 5 Delta E discoloration units).

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